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Products from Europe

We bring the best and most innovative products from Europe to Latin America

If you want to write about our Startup Company, we’ve got all the tools you’ll need for your story to be thorough and complete. We’re happy to provide any other information you need regarding LMT Trading Co., and will be there through every step of the process. Feel free to contact us for any further information, and we thank you again for your interest in our business.

Looking for quality and innovation?

LMT Trading provides you with the best products and solutions from Germany for your company and the industrie. Our products are innovative and of high quality and will help your company to improve processes, standards and results. Our solutions will support your company in creating greater satisfaction for your customers and greater earnings.

What do we offer to our customers?


  • We offer innovative and high quality “Made in Germany” products

  • We support a fair, green and sustainable trade

  • We facilitate the access to exclusive brands

  • We offer best prices and conditions

  • A direct and fixed contact in Germany and South America

Is the best disinfectant on the market disinfecting your cold rooms,refrigerator and facilities 24/7


The best solution and disinfectant against microorganisms!

​What is Knick’n’clean®?

Knick’n’clean® is the worldwide easiest and best solution for a hygienic and germ free refrigerator, cold storage room and installations because Knick’n’clean® kills bacteria, mildew, spores, viruses and fungi and thereby ensures a long-lasting freshness in the refrigerator, a much longer storage life of the food and an improvement in the hygiene of refrigerated areas.

How does it work?

To activate knick‘n‘clean®, simply bend the tube to break the inner glass tube, which enables the fluids to mix and start to react with each other. The fluid takes on a yellowish color and in approx. 60 minutes knick‘n‘clean® is operational. Hang or lay down the knick‘n‘clean® in the upper front area of the refrigerator. After activation the disinfectant gradually diffuses through the outer special synthetic tube and thus controls the pathogens. To keep your food fresh, just change the old Knick‘n‘clean® for a new one after 30 days of use. knick’n’clean® may be disposed of in the normal refuse.

Advantages of knick’n’clean®:

  • It improves your health and ensures freshness:

    • Food last considerably longer and stay fresh in the refrigerator

    • Eliminates 99,9% of the germs and bacteria

  • Prevents bad smells in the refrigerator.

  • Save money and protect the environment

    • The refrigerator uses less energy as a temperature of 7–8º C is enough to keep food fresh, therefore the environmental pollution is reduced by about 10 %

    • Avoid the unnecessary waste of food.

  • Easy handling: Bend, put in – ready.


Your best support for ironing your shirts

Easy Sleeve

The perfect ironing aid

Easy Sleeve from eurogold®- the perfect ironing aid

Easy Sleeve from eurogold®- the perfect ironing aid


Clou Innovations GmbH is a German society, who develops innovative products and stands for "Ideas, Products and Success". With surprising originality and clarity, they determine the goal of any new construction: the direct application of the intuition in the innovative process, giving a particular prominence to the product itself.

One of the society's most important performances is the development of products and services by request of other companies. 

The original "Bügel Clou / Sleeve Genie" is an intuitive german self-development, for which a patent is registered.

Easy Sleeve from eurogold®- is the best ironing aid for sleeves and replaced the veteran sleeve board, which was awkward to use and without much benefit.

Its peculiarities

  • serves the easy ironing of shirts, blouses, sweaters and shirt sleeves

  • crease-free ironing sleeves in seconds

  • is most flexible and practice than the sleeve board

  • one device for all size S-XXL

  • allows sleeve ironing in only one pass 

  • protects the fibers because both sides are ironed exactly at the same time 

  • a great addition to your ironing board thanks to magnetic holder

  • Sustainable, durable stainless steel product made in Europe.



  • ironed sleeves perfectly

  • without wrinkling

  • in seconds

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